Monday, October 10, 2016

ICIF speaks for MOFCOM-CCTV-Xinhua event

September 10 (China) - Ministry of Commerce, China (MOFCOM), Xinhua (largest news agency in China) together with CCTV (Central TV Station of China) invite International China Investment Forum (ICIF) to make presentation. ICIF Co-Chairman, Dr. Marcus Lee as speaker on "One Belt One Road - Economic Projection". Also present in the forum was who's who in China business, including Mr. Wang Jianglin, Chairman of Wanda Group, Mr. Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun (respectively 1st and 3rd richest man in Forbes list. Dr. Marcus Lee was speaking on the business opportunities on One Belt One Road (OBOR) in terms of infrasturture and property markers in several countries.

MOU Signed between ICIF and Xian

September 7, 2016 (Xian) - International China Investment Forum (ICIF) entered into MOU signing with Xian Silk Road Summit on joint development of Silk Road Inventions Exhibition. ICIF together with CBISN, Hampton Court co-developed 5 exhibitions to promote Innovation, Science and Technology, this includes Silk Road Inventions, Genius of China etc...

Silk Road Inventions Exhibition Launched

September 6, 2016 (Xian) - Invited by Xian Municipal Governmenet, International China Investment Forum (ICIF) Co-Chairman, Marcus Lee delivered "Building Alliance among Cities along Silk Road " at the Silk Road Summit to audience from various countries. Moderating the session was United Nations Chief on Economic Monitoring, together with Deputy Minister from Ukraine, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce from Russia, Belarus etc. The event was officiated by Governor of Shanxi,  and closed by Mayor and Vice Mayors of Xian Government.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Silk Road Traveling Museum

Sept 25, 2015 (Xian) - Invited by Xian Municipal Governmenet, International China Investment Forum (ICIF) Co-Chairman, Marcus Lee delivered "Silk Road Opportunities: Economy and Culture" at the Euro-Asia Economic Forum to audience from various countries.Also present was Former Deputy Prime Minister of Korea, Senator of Valencia, United Nations Sustainable Development Office, Governor of Shanxi, Mayor and Vice Mayors of Xian and senior government officers.

One of the interesting debate was where is the starting and ending point of Silk Road? Xian or Luoyang or somewhere else?

Deputy Tourism Director of Xian and Luoyang City with Marcus Lee
discussing Starting point of Silk Road

Ties between Asia and the World date back several centuries. Silk Road not just a trade routes but economic and cultural interaction between East and West.

In History, Silk Road Changed Life in Europe by sharing of Inventions and Innovation, from paper, printing, decimal system to Gunpowder, Rockets etc.

In order to promote Silk Road Culture and Heritage Sharing for the common growth of its multiple destinations, A multi- millions project involved 5 years of archeology research, walking thousands of kilometers, sponsored by several institutions including International China Investment Forum (ICIF) was established. The Objective is to education sharing Inventions and Innovation for common prosperity.  

Nanjing Mayor Forum 2015

Sept 23, 2015 (Nanjing) - Nanjing Municipal Government Mayor's Consultative Forum invited 13 International Experts to discuss Social Economic Challenges, Nanjing positioning in Maritime Silk Road and Yangzte Delta River Economic Outlook.

Marcus Lee at Nanjing Mayor Forum

Among the 13 invited Experts includes United Nations Sustainable Development Office Director, President of Wells Fargo (Asia), CEO of Hang Seng Bank (Hong Kong), Chairman of International China Investment Forum (ICIF), Chairman of American Chamber in Shanghai etc. The conference is hosted by Mayor of Nanjing, together with all Vice Mayors, Party Secretaries, various Government agencies.

Nanjing Mayor with Marcus Lee

Nanjing's economy is mainly based on electronics, cars, petrochemicals, iron and steel, and power, referred to as the "five pillar industries". It has been overtaken economically by cities like Suzhou and Wuxi in recent years, leaving it only third in Jiangsu. Nanjing's GDP grew 11.7% RMB720.2 billion in 2012..

Nanjing Quick Facts
Area: 6,582 km2
Population: 7700000
Gross domestic product: 501.04 billion RMB
GDP growth: 13.1%
Fixed Asset Investment: 330.61 billion RMB
Utilized Foreign Direct Investment: 2.67 billion US$
Imports: 20.71 billion US$
Exports: 24.89 billion US$

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chengdu Municipal Government Meeting

Sept 11, 2015 (Chengdu) - Chengdu Municipal Government Vice Mayor, Deputy Director of Expo Bureau, Deputy Director of Cultural Bureau and ICIF Co-Chairman, Marcus Lee lucheon meeting to discuss partnership.

Photo: Chengdu Vice Mayor with Marcus Lee

Chengdu's laid back culture, green environment and improving infrastructure, its first subway line became operational in late 2010 have helped to attract a large amount of business to bolster its traditional commercial and tourism industries. It also has a prosperous manufacturing sector where over 100 of the world’s top 500 largest corporations have a presence, including Intel, Sony, Toyota, Motorola, IBM, Nokia, Siemens, Canon and Microsoft, all of which operate assembly lines and/or research and development centers in Chengdu. Chengdu's GDP grew 13% to RMB813.9 billion in 2012.

Chengdu Quick Facts
Area: 12,132 km2
Population: 12900000
Gross domestic product: 555.1 billion RMB
Fixed Asset Investment: 425.40 billion RMB
Utilized Foreign Direct Investment: 4.86 billion US$
Imports: 10.79 billion US$
Exports: 13.87 billion US$

Sunday, July 26, 2015

600 Participants attended ICIF Economic Forum 2015

July 18, 2015 - ICIF Mid Year Economic Forum attracted 600 participants in Chongqing. The event provide briefing about the current economy situation, stock market and for members to discuss domestic and oversea investment opportunities.

Photo: Mid Year forum with 600 people

During the event, a ceremony for ICIF to launch a New Center of Seminar in Chongqing was announced. The next seminar will be in September 2015, for HNWI (high Net Worth individual). The objective is to explore new destination and new tools for investment.

Photo: Marcus Lee launched ICIF Chongqing Center

The next ICIF will be in Lima, Peru in March 2016.Estimated a minimum of 250 participants will be attending. Currently exploring other countries surrounding Peru to consider a smaller seminar and pre/post tour for the event.

Other projects undergoing include 2 China theme exhibition on world tour.